Visiolink Oy is an IT and new media consulting company providing Internet-based and multimedia solutions for corporations, public administration organisations and educational institutes.

The business activities of Visiolink Oy consist of IT consulting and training services, technology transfer services, e-learning consulting and training services. Our core activities also include the design, localization and implementation of e-learning tools, as well as Internet, intranet, extranet and multimedia solutions.













EU awarded developers of vocational education and training.
ESO-CSA was one of the 10 projects awarded. Visiolink Oy worked in the project as the Finnish partner.

The Minister of Education and Science Antti Kalliomäki and Commissioner Ján Figel’ presented the awards on 4 December in Helsinki, at the meeting of the European ministers responsible for VET taking place in Helsinki 4.12.2006.

E-Study project was selected one of the 32 succes stories in Europe in Leonardo da Vinci - Awards 2004

Awards 2004


WBT World project won Comenius EduMedia Award in Berlin 22.6.2006

Awards 2006